ZhangDing's Installations: Breathholding and Enchanting


2020-07-10 12:44:07


Compared with the important position of artists born in the 50s, 60s and 70s in the art world, artists born in the 80s are generally in the "incubation period". Their works receive little attention and their discourse power is not sufficiently valued. However, it is precisely this situation that enables the post-80s generation to find their own artistic path without being bound by the secular world.

If I want to elaborate on the label of "post-80s artists", besides the changes in the ideology of the works, it is also reflected in the changes in the presentation techniques. This does not mean that young artists are blindly looking for the so-called "new revolution", but because the new era can be accepted by people's expression is more diverse, they can be in a wider range of available art carrier. Born in 1980, Zhang Ding is such a young artist with a distinctive post-80s temperament, free, casual and simple.

Zhang Ding's boldness and carefulness were evident when he was first recognized as a new media major at the China Academy of Art, but he had begun to explore many new ways of artistic expression. Different from the excessive pursuit of special media by people around him, Zhang Ding's understanding of new media is simple and direct. "New media is not a single new media, but some traditional things are combined with new things to form a new view.

These things are just a medium for making new ideas with an old one."


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