Lin Huaimin: Young Body Towards The Great Waves


2020-07-13 16:02:51


Lin Huaimin was born as a dancer.

In 1961, at the age of 14, Lin published his first novel in United Daily News. While the eye-catching teenager was expected to release his next work, Lin took the money for ballet lessons.

After graduating from Chengchi University, Taiwan's top journalism school, in 1969, Lin went to the United States to study at the University of Missouri's Journalism School, one of the top journalism schools in the US. But the dream of dancing was always around him and he couldn't give it up. Lin transferred to the University of Iowa and began specialized dance training.

In return for the Chinese culture that nurtured him, Lin, 25, returned to Taiwan in 1972. In a letter to friends, he explained why he had not stayed in the art capital. Staying in New York, he said, was just one of many dancers in The city, and he was returning to Taiwan to promote modern dance. In his opinion, Taiwan needed more than one or two spectacular shows. It's about making dance professional and taking root in your own land so that you can hope that 10 years from now or the next generation of dancers will bear fruit.

The following year, Mr. Lin and a group of other young people with dance dreams started the world's first contemporary Chinese dance group, The Cloud Gate Dance Group, on the second floor of a noodle shop on Taipei's Xinyi Road. From then on, Lin Huaimin realized the transformation from "practicing dance" to "choreography".

In 1975, "Cloud Gate Dance Troupe" went abroad for the first time and performed three works in Singapore, namely "Legend of the White Snake", "Yi Yuan Bao" and "Cold Food", which caused a sensation in the overseas Chinese society. In 1976, "Yun Men" won a sensation with the first performance of "The Legend of the White Snake" and other works in Japan. Japanese Sankei Shimbun commented that "Yun Men retold the Chinese classics from the perspective of human nature".

Lin Believes that dance is expressed through the body, and traditional Chinese culture provides strong support for such expression. In addition to training in modern dance, ballet, Peking Opera and meditation, Lin adds Chinese elements such as tai chi guidance and calligraphy to his routine.

Some foreign media commented that "Cloud Gate has found a brand new language". Lin says he is just looking for a spirit and temperament by shaping a new body.He defines himself as a seeker who internalizes the basic skills derived from Chinese culture into the dancers' energy, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of Chinese culture with their own bodies through dancing.

Since its establishment, Lin Has been accompanying Cloud Gate Dance Group for more than 40 years. Although retired, he said, "Now Cloud gate is like the scene of crossing the sea in" Legend of Fortune " uniform figures, strong voices, bare-chested male dancers with their wives and families on their way home, young bodies on the other side. Although the waves are rough, but still brave to face the sea, because here is the opportunity."


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