Yu Hong: The Artist's Sobriety


2020-07-14 11:08:47


Time is the most intuitive clue to interpret the work, says Yu Hong. Yu Hong is the wife of the painter Liu Xiaodong and the heroine of the director Wang Xiaoshuai's documentary. She is also a good mother. Of course, she is an artist and a female artist. A combination of these identities makes her appear demure and steady in the public eye.

Yu Hong must be the god kissed people. Talented and good-looking, he got love as he wished and became famous as a new generation of painters.

This society is very bright, but it is full of wrinkles and easy to break under the bright. No one knows what kind of broken surface will reveal the truth. In the corner we are not familiar with, there is still a lot of beauty, we should not give up. "Fashion information is always telling you what is the latest and best, so you have a fear of being behind The Times," Says Yu hong. When can we truly abandon this desire for confidence in the outside world, maybe we can completely liberate our heart, which is the anxiety that artists are born with for The Times.

Fortunately, art is an outlet for artists to vent their emotions. At the end of 2017, Yu Hong exhibited her first foray into VR. In collaboration with a Danish artist, with the title "She Once Came", Yu Hong spent 7 minutes and 47 seconds to construct a three-dimensional space and time in which the birth, childhood, middle age and old age of a female individual are interwoven with the two time threads of ancient, ancient, 1960s and 1970s and the present. Yu Hong once said, "Women born in this place and this era have already decided most of their lives, and all they can do is fine-tune them."

"It's just a process of understanding the world. I'm just aware of it and I can try to do something." The first step to change is to accept. Yu Hong is understanding of their own in this era of sober and accept their own present, only to have the power to do renewal and change.


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