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2020-07-20 12:09:44


Bubbles in the Alley

MAD Architects has restored and renovated a courtyard house in Beijing's Qianmen East District. In the original layout of the three entrances, three bubbles of different forms were creatively added. A dialogue is between new and old, tradition and future in the art community.

Chengdu SOHO New Office Space

The architectural team of Stacking architecture has designed 12,000 square meters of space on the third and fourth floors of the Western Chengdu Financial Center, transforming the poorly managed space into a large and dynamic creative platform.

Tea House in Wetland

TEMP architects' latest project is a teahouse in the Wetland in western Hangzhou. Wetland is a world-famous international wetland park. Most of the teahouse interior area is high privacy brick wall compartment, distributed in the space, connected by the stone corridor. The gap between the wooden grating and the wall keeps the space open.

Shanghai Crystal Pool

Crystal Pool is a creative public space designed by Bailu Architectural Design Co., Ltd. for the opening of a new complex in The new international business center, Jingyao Foreshore, in Pudong, Shanghai. Designed to satisfy recreational and social interactions among visitors, and to appeal to children, teenagers and adults.

Hebei Valley Concert Hall

The roof of OPEN's "Valley Concert Hall" has been completed. The roof is the largest plane in the "Valley Concert Hall". The concrete pouring work lasted about 24 hours. Workers worked in shifts continuously. At dawn, when the early morning sun shines on the newly completed roof, it is a beautiful picture.


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