Hong Wei & The End: New Ming Style Furniture

Art and Design Press

2020-07-21 10:26:11


As AGI member of international graphic design Alliance, Hong Wei has integrated his study on Chinese characters and even Chinese culture in the field of graphic design into the cross-border furniture design.

In 2014, Hong Wei founded his own furniture brand "The End" to explore design in the Chinese context from a humanistic perspective. In the furniture design of Hongwei, the abstract graphic language and his award-winning graphic design works are in line, showing a kind of awe-inspiring "new Ming style" temperament. His works have won more than 200 domestic and international design awards, and he has participated in many major projects, including the image of Guangdong Province and the logo of Guangdong Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. The poster works are collected by many famous universities, art galleries and museums.

Different from the "Orientalism" from the western perspective and the superficial imitation of the "Chinese style" home decoration in the 17th century Western Europe, Hong Wei can be regarded as the representative of the contemporary Chinese designers who understand and integrate the real "Oriental charm" to create. "We do not have to fall into a narrow nationalism," he once said. "It would be a great failure if the world were guided only by Western modernism." His transformation of the metaphysical context of "the East" into a physical presentation may enable more people, even western audiences, to enhance their understanding of contemporary Chinese tastes.

Based on the profound understanding of Chinese classic furniture, Hong Wei created such works as "Ping" chair, "Jian" chair, "Gui" chair, "Ceng" chair, etc., which are taken from the artistic conception of Chinese classics, using exquisite traditional mortise and tenon joint structure craft to make by hand, but presenting a refreshing style.


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