The Changeable Paper Towel Packaging Design


2020-07-21 14:46:36


The paper towel can be seen everywhere in daily life. Besides meeting daily needs, consumers seldom pay attention to its packaging style. Would you pay for a paper towel wrapper that looks so different from the rest?

Simple and advanced paper towel packaging, mainly in three specifications to explore the dynamic relationship between packaging and people, the environment. Giving full play to the diversified functions of paper towel, it shows an innovative design full of humanistic care and future. First of all, this kind of wearable fashion paper towels are packaged with special materials and supplemented with simple copywriting logo, so users are more likely to accept the intuitive and atmospheric design. It was designed by Xiao Qiyuan from The Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

In addition, the packaging uses gray decorative tape to make paper towels in series, adding the current fashion elements, and presenting a high-grade wearable paper roll with unique stitching techniques. The second one creatively divides the cylinder packaging into two parts, integrating it into the living environment and giving it scene function.

The last portable paper towel, the designer has designed decorative elements in the paper towel itself, and each paper towel can be joined together to form a complete visual symbol.

More paper towel packaging design shared:

From the paper towel packaging shared above, we can truly understand that daily necessities like paper towels can also have varied styles. Whether simple and modern or colorful illustration, the brand is re-entering the public's vision with a more youthful attitude.


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