Lv Yongzhong: Ban Moo

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2020-07-22 16:43:40


Lv yongzhong has long been dedicated to interior space and furniture design. He was named China's most Influential Designer by Forbes in 2015 and "National Spirit Builder" in 2016. The diverse experience comes from a deeply rooted respect for traditional Chinese culture and from the particular arguments put forward in the implementation and elaboration of contemporary design.

Banmu, founded in 2006 in Shanghai by Lv Yongzhong, is a high-end original furniture and lifestyle brand dedicated to the contemporary Oriental lifestyle. "Ban(Half)" is the ultimate pursuit of the unity of dao and dao, as well as the desire to balance material and spirit. "Mu(Wood)" is the exploration of various materials and forms containing time and life represented by wood.

Influenced by his father, Lv Yongzhong, who comes from a family of teachers, has been studying Traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy for many years since he was a child. He has devoted more than 20 years of design accumulation to furniture creation, integrating the understanding of space into the art of life and returning to the local culture to re-examine the present. The combination of exquisite materials, ergonomic comfort and excellent handicraft with Oriental wisdom and innovation gives inner calm and tranquility to the noisy and complicated urban life, and creates a road of contemporary Chinese furniture after Ming Style furniture.


His furniture design works were invited to Dutch Design Week and Milan Design Week, and in 2012 and 2013, he was invited to Beijing Poly Auction "Modern and Contemporary Art Design Special Show". In 2013, Interior Design was selected into the Chinese version of "Design Hall of Fame" of the United States. In the media reports at home and abroad, it was praised as a representative of China's original Design power and one of the ten "Pioneers in The next Era of China".


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