Lin Fanglu: Revolt In The Name Of Tradition

Art and Design Press

2020-07-22 18:33:29


When I first saw The works of Hayashi Fanglu, I could not help being attracted by its characteristics. It looks simple and modern, but its interior is full of folk customs. Pure color, full of structural fluctuations; Both full of spiritual expression of emotion, and no violation of the intimate connection with furniture supplies.

Lin Fanglu's artistic expression gives her works the true pursuit of life origin and explores the possibility of traditional Chinese craft. And it all started with her encounter with blue-dye craft.

Tie-dye refers to a dyeing method in which the fabric is partially tied up so that it cannot be colored during dyeing. The fabric is twisted into knots and dyed by means of yarn, thread, rope and other tools. Lin Fanglu in Zhou Cheng village door-to-door visits, start from the most basic steps: planting is used as a dye, radix isatidis, embroider, boiling take out stitches cloth, dyeing, fixation, and finally she physically drying, and the village bai fu people eat to live, with the production process records, into a set of complete methodology, before and after nearly a year of aizen skill learning practice.

There are more than 100 different tie-dye techniques, and the soft cotton fabric is influenced by different ligations, including strength, making the whole process unpredictable. Seemingly quiet cotton color, but before the formation of almost violent "destruction", after a long process of patterns like totem, tell the wisdom of human civilization from generation to generation.

Several of Ms. Hayashi's exhibition plans have been delayed by the outbreak. However, this did not stop her. In the following years, she will go to Teisuo in Guizhou to explore different techniques in different regions. She believes that further integrity of the methodology will continue to open her work. The light of profound civilization contained in the craft itself will continue in her creativity.


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