When Modern Design Meets Ancient Bamboo Weaving

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2020-07-23 13:21:16


"There is almost no successor to traditional bamboo weaving. Bamboo weaving masters are almost all over 60 years old, and there are few young people willing to learn," sighed Zhang junjie."Perhaps the media has never reported it. There is something so good hidden among the people that young people may not know it at all."


Zhang Junjie is a teacher at the China Academy of Art and the founder and designer of The Hangzhou-based design brand SOZEN. Since its establishment eight years ago, SOZEN has continuously shown to the world the "bamboo weaving aesthetics" from the East. The bamboo weaving technology inherited for thousands of years has been subjusted by modern design, which has brought many surprises to those who have met SOZEN and won many international awards. 

In Zhang Junjie's memory, he has become the spokesman of "resurrection bamboo weaving technology" by accident. His affinity with handicrafts came from an accident too. Zhang junjie felt that such a good bamboo weaving technique should not only be hidden in a rural storeroom, but that a redesign would be successful.

After communicating with factory director, Zhang Junjie discovers the craftsman in factory is outsourcing more, should cooperate be very troublesome. A few weeks later, while watching the Shaoxing news broadcast at home, Zhang discovered Master Si, a bamboo craftsman from Shengzhou who had participated in the Shanghai World Expo. Zhang contacted him and then drove to Shengzhou to meet him. They established their cooperation.


Bamboo weaving has a history of more than 2000 years. Traditional bamboo weaving is mainly characterized by fine bamboo weaving. However, with the shrinkage of the commercial market, when Zhang Junjie began to contact bamboo weaving, there were only about 50 or 60 bamboo weaving masters who knew the traditional craft.

Some are disabled people who have difficulty finding work, and some are elderly women who can earn a little money at home with grandchildren. "Bamboo has a lot in common with Chinese culture. It's resilient. It's a kind of inclusiveness. But if it is bent to a limit, it will bounce back or break. SOZEN has been trying to convey the true vitality of the yearning.


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