Blanc De Chine, Crossing Mountains And Seas

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2020-07-24 17:19:09


The Victoria and Albert Museum, named after the queen of England, inherited the most important British South Kensington Museum on ceramics research and a large number of Chinese ceramics of Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art collection. It has the largest scale of Chinese porcelain collection in Europe, and it is the important institutions of the European research Chinese ceramics. It not only has a profound collection and research of ancient Chinese ceramics, but also pays special attention to contemporary Chinese ceramic art. "Blanc de Chine, a Continuous Conversation," held at the renowned museum, showcases the history of Dehua white porcelain from ancient creations of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties to contemporary innovative designs.

Fujian Dehua porcelain began in the Song Dynasty, and since then the Dehua porcelain has been dyed with the inherent warmth and grace of the Song people. The blue and white porcelain of Dehua kiln in song and Yuan dynasties has been shipped out of the sea by boat and won praise from overseas. With the gradual progress of firing technology, Dehua kiln produced dehua white porcelain, which europeans called "Chinese white" in the Ming Dynasty. In the fourteenth year of Wanli (1612), Quanzhou Prefecture records that the white porcelain produced in Dehua was "white and lovely".

Su Xianzhong's disciple Yan Songliu has now become a contemporary descendant of Dehua white porcelain. He was fascinated by the dehua white porcelain sculpture of the Ming Dynasty emperor He. Therefore, in the creation of Dehua white porcelain based on figures or Buddha images, Yan Songliu, on the basis of a comprehensive understanding and study of the classic porcelain image of He Zhaozong, increased his understanding and comprehension of the contemporary spirit of the Dehua white porcelain statue, making it more deeply into contemporary life and into the emotions of contemporary people. He also visited temples and palaces in Shanxi Province, took a look at the land with the most abundant statue art in China, and integrated the essence of the statue art into his works. In the creation, Yan Songliu is as smooth as a mill, which is in line with he Chaozong's creation attitude. One of his works of Guanyin audio and video, after three years of modification, achieved satisfactory results, and finally presented a vivid spirit, which was praised by experts in the Palace Museum.

Dehua white porcelain shows the warmth, delicacy and purity of the East, telling the world the story from the old country. The story of Dehua white porcelain and it has spread all over the world, and the world is amazed at the pure and moving "Chinese white". As Su Xianzhong said, "Today, the 'China White' can still serve as a medium for dialogue with the world, but if we stay in the tradition, it will be difficult for us to communicate and resonate with the current world culture." It is because of these tireless and refined porcelain makers that Dehua white porcelain can be inherited for hundreds of years, cross mountains, rivers and seas, and come to our era, and go further into the future.


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