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2020-07-27 14:15:19


The Dulong have lived west of Gaoligong Mountain in Yunnan province for generations. But Dulong township in the river valley east of The Rika Mountains, with a population of just 7,000, is China's smallest ethnic group. Due to the deep valley, closed traffic and isolation, and the slow development of Dulong township, the local people's living conditions are relatively primitive and seldom go out. People will not be able to move freely into and out of the mountains until 2016, when the Dulongjiang highway tunnel is completed.

The Dulong are also known as the "rainbow" weaving people, and their women are good at weaving brightly colored "Dulong carpets". This kind of blanket is composed of evenly distributed color stripe pattern, and is woven by hand waist machine. In ancient times, it was used as "clothing for the sun and quilt for the night".

Today, this ancient craft has not only been passed down, but is also on display at major international fairs, including the Venice Biennale, where more than half a million people from around the world enjoy the skills of the Weaving Dulong. The fabric has been redesigned to combine modernity and practicality with woven blankets, cloaks, handbags and throw pillows. It is also popular for its unique craftsmanship and the stories of the Dulong people behind it. The Dulong weaving girls, who have never traveled far from home, have also come out of the mountains with their carpets and come to Shanghai every year to receive training in the modern design of clothing brands.This ancient craft is gradually becoming a bridge between the woman weaver of the Dulong race and the outside world.

In naze's project cooperation mode, Klee Klee is responsible for the design and supply of wool yarn, Dulong women are responsible for weaving cloth, and Klee klee processes the whole blanket into products that meet the daily needs of urban life. Before this, weaver girls had been using the traditional "waist machine" to weave the dragon blanket, which is a kind of weaving tool used in the early days of weaving. In the weaving method, only the basic flat weave method can be completed. The Klee Klee design team has brought a technological innovation to the woman weaver: in terms of texture, they replace the original linen or acrylic with soft wool and cotton yarn.

In terms of color matching, the Dulong clan loves bright rainbow matching colors. However, such bright colors are more suitable for the natural and simple environment of Dulong River Township. Naze Naze's weaving blanket reduces the large area of bright colors, making the products more in line with the urban aesthetics. At first, the change made woman weaver resist a little. But there are real benefits to improving the product and making them realize that change is a good thing.

At present, the Naze Naze project has been successfully held for 4 periods, with good sales and the project is continuing. Many people are interested in the story behind Naze naze and want to know the living conditions of the local people. They keep following the release of each issue of the product.


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