Chinese Traditional Totem Shows The Ultimate Beauty


2020-07-27 16:12:22


The totem culture of China has a long history. There are traces of totem culture in China since ancient times. Whether in archaeological or historical data, it can be found everywhere, both in literary and ethnological sources.


Chinese style is an art form or lifestyle based on traditional Chinese culture, containing a large number of Chinese elements and adapting to global trends. In recent years, the Chinese style has been widely applied in the field of popular culture.


The classical pattern is a pattern handed down from ancient times. Many pattern of classical Chinese heritage, according to the historical period, mainly include: Chow period bronze pattern, lacquer ware, Qin and Han dynasties eaves tiles, brick, stone carving, brocade patterns, etc. They all have their own artistic characteristics.


More and more people begin to be infatuated with national style, at the same time, in dress and home outfit market, the new Chinese style style that is popular slowly in recent years also is liked by more 90 hind.


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