Rongchang Grass Cloth, The Vitality Of A “Chinese Grass”

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2020-07-28 14:47:51


Rongchang grass cloth is a ramie cloth made of China's unique ramie and processed by traditional handcraft. Ramie is a hemp fiber unique to China. According to historical records, "The ancient cotton was first introduced to China in the Yuan Dynasty, but it was not the first time. All the cloth is painted on it, from the top to the crown, and from the bottom to the grass ", indicating that ramie summer cloth has long been popular with the public.

Rongchang, Chongqing, known as the "country of crabapple", because of its advantaged natural environment to promote the growth of ramie in large quantities. Since ancient times, ramie summer cloth production has also become the crystallization of Rongchang people's wisdom. In ancient times, it was loved by the royal family and dignitaries, but today it is also a good gift for friends in people's life. The use of the cloth is still widely seen in our life today.

In 2019, Zhang Yichao, a famous fashion designer in China, launched 60 sets of Rongchang summer cloth creative works at China International Fashion Week, with "cultural plastic roots, intangible cultural heritage, summer cloth as features". Zhang Yichao expresses her understanding of fashion through the traditional craft of Rongchang summer cloth, which has a long culture, and modernizes the intangible cultural heritage.

From the material to the production process to the finished product, the summer cloth gives people a kind of plain, fresh atmosphere feeling, which contains the solid, unsophisticated aesthetic style in the traditional Chinese culture. Nowadays, with the inheritance and innovation of craftsmen and designers, the summer cloth is no longer a cloth. It appears on the new stage of today's society and develops towards a more artistic and practical direction.


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