2020 Global College Jewelry Art Graduation Exhibition

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2020-07-29 19:27:45


Nietzsche once mentioned in The Will to Power that "an era is coming when politics will be endowed with different meanings". With the human struggle against COVID-19, art has taken on new ways of thinking, creating and taking on different meanings. It is undoubtedly a special and more difficult graduation season for Hou Lang: closed creations, online exhibitions, virtual audiences, financial difficulties. But even if offline is absent, the creation will not stop.


The jewelry design major of The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) closely follows the current special times and asks whether it can become jewelry if it becomes a protective device just needed in daily life. Can contemporary jewelry creation contribute to community communication under the epidemic? In her graduation work, feel My Touch, Huang analyzed the stressed parts of social handshakes to design safety gloves with air bags.


In another piece, 'Hear My Wish,' she places a mask filter with thermal material to visualize the temperature, and the protective gear becomes a social safety signal.

Will the accelerated network process give rise to new models of jewelry design and production?


If the game "the animal's friend will be" leap up is red is a player of virtual reality large-scale exercises, Zhang Ningyuan is in the heart of the "dark clouds" series based on the acquaintance of network game think about placing concrete jewelry creating situations, players can be operated by skill set jewelry, compose a personal jewelry "formula", the processing and production platform, get the jewelry material, so the jewelry creative production mode and successful in business.


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