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2020-07-30 12:11:20


Novel Coronavirus ravage the world in 2020. But for Wang yuhan, it was full of surprises. Wang made her London Fashion Week debut in February as an independent show. Then, THE LVMH Prize for Young Designers announced the semi-finalists. Wang Yuhan is the only Chinese female independent designer among the 20 finalists.


Born in Weihai, Shandong Province, the young independent Chinese designer Wang Yuhan studied fashion design at Tsinghua University before moving to New York to complete two years of graphic design studies at the School of Visual Arts, followed by a master's degree in design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After graduation, she founded her own eponymous women's clothing line in London, and has interned and worked at famous fashion houses J W Anderson, Oscar DE la Renta and Marni. 

As a child, Wang Yuhan grew up in the world of Chinese landscape painting. She was particularly fascinated by the soft images of beautiful ladies in the works of Qing dynasty painter Qiqi, and the poetic and romantic images of traditional Chinese women were deeply engraved in her blood. In her later design career, her design emotion is inseparable from the classical beauty of these ladies, and she always interweaved literature and romantic color with Chinese culture, gradually filling in the modern design aesthetics. Her wisdom was to cherish what she has now."


The theme of the autumn/winter collection, "Who Fell Asleep", has undoubtedly hit the hearts of all. Putting aside the ominous, negative and sad emotions, Wang Yuhan endowed the "funeral" with new and lively meaning, living in the present moment, and interpreted the life philosophy of the funeral ceremony with fashionable language.


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