Wen Wenzi WIth His Watercolor World


2020-08-01 20:15:05


In the Chinese painting circle, there have been countless famous figures. Some people live their whole lives down and out. Some people with great skill are late bloomers. In the southwest quite influential Wenzi, although 70 years old, issued a dazzling brilliance in the artistic achievements.

Mr. Wen Wenzi has had a rough life and ups and downs in art, but in recent years, his watercolor works have been exhibited at home and abroad, but they have really attracted the attention of peers. Mr. Wen Wenzi advocated expressing his views on art, regardless of method. Most of his painting is a direct expression of the heart, but it implies a strange and dangerous.

Wenzi, pseudonym Wenzi, was born in Luxi Town, Santai County on September 27, 1920. Wenzi loved painting since he was a child. He was interested in Chinese folk woodcut New Year pictures, illustrations in literary classics and Western oil paintings, especially British watercolors. There are many records in his watercolor sketching paintings in the early years of his hometown. When he was 19 years old, he was admitted to the Southwest Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he was admitted to the Art Department of the National Institute of Social Education. When she was 25 years old, she finished her painting experience in university and later became the director of art Department of Sichuan Aokiguan Public Education Center and the lecturer of Southwest Art College.

After the liberation, Wen Zi was successively appointed as the chief of fine arts of North Sichuan People's Publishing House, the director of fine arts editing room and tourism editing room of Sichuan People's Publishing House, and the deputy director of editorial of the society. He was also the vice chairman of North Sichuan Artists Association and Vice chairman of Chengdu Artists Association. He is a member of China Photographers Association and a representative of the third Chinese Literary Congress. In 1985, wen Zi and other old watercolor painters initiated the establishment of The Tianfu Watercolor Painting Research Institute, and he was promoted to honorary President.

Wenzi was a very diligent painter and had a great influence in Sichuan. After liberation, his work required him to stop for thirty years. Otherwise, he will leave a very rich artistic legacy. Wenzi died on January 31, 1997. He was 77.


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