Poster For FIRST Youth Film Exhibition: Live Like An Artist!


2020-08-03 11:46:37


Compared with the Golden Rooster and the Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the Beijing International Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival, the FIRST Youth Film Festival may be less well known. However, a few days ago, under the situation of many film festival posters revealed, FIRST caught people's attention, and be full of attraction!

Unified and coordinated color matching, bold and creative conception, repeated form of composition, unique layout, overall free and easy not rigid.Give a person a kind of good impression, right, this is a little artistic appearance!

FIRST Youth Film Festival was founded in 2006 to promote the early work of young filmmakers and to encourage films that are free, inspired, revived, sharp and sincere.

From the design of the poster, it can be seen that it is very casual, which is probably what many designers imagine. It is not as tied and restrained as traditional movies.

Birds of a feather flock together. The film posters in the exhibition are crisscrossed in their design, with a unique sense of hierarchy. Each poster is full of artistic atmosphere.

In daily life, awards such as golden rooster challenge aesthetics like us every day, while a few careless words from the leaders on the top kill our creators' hard work. Instead, there was pandering and ingratiation. While a lot of people worry that these earthy aesthetics will destroy our next generation. Fortunately, we can see hope and new world for some young artists.


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