Famous Chinese Designer Huang Hai And The Poster Of "Love After Love" Poster


2020-08-05 16:23:14


Xu Anhua's new film Love After Love, adapted from Eileen Chang's novel, has been unveiled. The designer is Huang Hai, who is reputed as "the first person to design film posters in China". This is also the second time for Huang Hai to design posters for Anhua's works after the Golden Age. This work, as always, shows huang Hai's mastery of the essence of the story.

A closer look at the poster of The First Incense made by Huang Hai reveals that the straight lines look like a knitting picture. In the center of the picture, it looks like a pair of women's hands, with long fingernails on the left hand, bright peach nail polish and a gold ring, representing the charming aunt Mrs. Liang. The fingernails with a straight right hand are of a plain color, and the gestures are natural. It is the leading lady, Ge Wei Long.


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