Three Chinese Artists: Out of the Garden


2020-08-06 12:01:28


At the invitation of curator Shen Ruiyun, He An, Liu Jianhua, Wang Sishun, they participated in the exhibition "People in Chinese Gardens". A total of 10 works were exhibited in an irregular space with 21 columns.


These works are entity sculpture or space device, the material they use and expression contains a kind of common calm temperament. "Calm" has become the entry of the viewer experience and thinking, and the "common" let this show is neither a curator will as the leading nor let independent artists, exclusive a piece of personal exhibition space.


 "Commonality" is reflected in the three artists' thinking on the relationship between individual creation, nature and civilization, which is permeated in their transformation process of the form, nature and space of material materials such as stone, cement and ceramics. Let the final work become the carrier of culture. They are contemporary creations that will be available in 2020. At a time when the human race is aware of the great uncertainty of the future due to the epidemic and all the accumulated difficulties it reveals, any enthusiasm and faith with history and creativity can give us simple confidence. This confidence gives us the power to calmly face the present moment, but also allows us to imagine that many years from now, if these works are still there, what implications will they have for future generations?


We often compare nature with art, and say that some place is picturesque and exquisite. We often compare art with nature, and say that a work of art is perfect and natural. The similarity between nature and art is that man projects himself into nature. In Landscape and Memory, Simon Schama said, "Landscape is culture first, nature second; It is an imaginary construction projected on wood, water and stone."


Copy natural stones, leaves and earth, copy roads, use fiberglass to imitate cement, use ceramic to imitate metal, use metal to imitate stone, use rubber to imitate tree branches. He An, Liu Jianhua and Wang Sichun shape the material, using the hard and soft material, temperature, texture, shape to create deceptive. Beyond anthropocentrism, post-anthropocene and object-oriented ontology, man's genius is always to personalize God, nature and the world, and to project man's mind into the spirit of the universe.


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