Chinese Style Kitchen Appliances Designed By Foreigners!


2020-08-07 10:45:29


What is life? Life is poetry and distant place. Our daily life is inseparable from three meals a day. Seasonings are always a good addition to the delicious, otherwise tasteless. A good set of small kitchen objects can not only contain the daily necessities of three meals in four seasons, but also enhance the sense of ritual and happiness in life.


Young European designers Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosen, who met at the Royal College of Art in London, combined their ideas and set up a studio. They love and are keen on the study of Chinese culture. In the creation of humanities, the design concept of starting with Chinese culture in every piece of work to show incisively and vividly.


In the past, they have designed many different kitchen utensils, such as pots, knives, thermos cups, coffee cups, etc. They have always been interested in small kitchen objects, hoping to re-interpret the humble but essential small objects in the kitchen.



The two young designers happened to read the southern Song Dynasty's Dream Liang Lu, which recorded the local culture at that time. They were inspired by the old Chinese proverb, "Daily necessities of life, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea". The design revolves around the main ingredients of Chinese cuisine, says Tomas Rosen: "We spent a lot of time designing the prototype, the proportions, the lines, the finishes, the integrity of the parts, and so on, while looking at a combination of factors."


It took several years to finally design small kitchen pieces to meet the daily cooking needs of Chinese families, including: rice bucket, oil pot, vinegar pot, large/small seasoning pot, tea pot, coffee pot.Their works combine modern stainless steel technology with traditional ceramic elements. The stainless steel material highlights the simplicity of modern industry, and the ingenious design endowing traditional ceramics with new vitality.


Each sheet is tasted below stylist clever design, gave attention to the balance of practical philosophy in contemporary kitchen and design esthetics close. With excellent design and thoughtful practical functions, the series won the iF Industrial Design Award in Germany 2020.


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