National Museum Of China: Portrait Exhibition Of Ming and Qing Dynasty Figures


2020-08-07 14:22:45


If you are interested in the ancients, then you must come here to admire Zhuge Liang, Su Shi, Wang Yangming and other people's appearance. If you are interested in ancient costumes, then you can come here to see a variety of related image materials, including court dress, regular dress, monk dress, etc. If you want to study the portrait painting techniques of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, then you can come here to taste the works of various schools, such as "Bochen School", "Plain painting School", "Western School" and so on.


In the near future, the National Museum of Ming and Qing Dynasty Portraits Exhibition will exhibit more than 50 Ming and Qing dynasty portraits and auxiliary exhibits.


Portraiture, because of its emphasis on the description of the face of the figure, so the ancients also known it as pictorial painting or biography. It is the most ancient Chinese painting in each category. As for its origin and development, some scholars classify it into three periods: the origin period (from the ancient times to the Western Han Dynasty), the mature period (from the Six Dynasties to the Tang and Song Dynasties) and the independent period (The Yuan and Ming Dynasties), which should be a relatively scientific cognition of the development of portraiture. The object presented in this exhibition is the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which were in the "independent period".


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