Chinese Ink Painting Bicycle: Foreigners Crazy Chase After


2020-08-09 19:32:33


Thomas Yang is a Chinese born abroad. He is proud of his Chinese heritage.  As one of China's cultural deposits, ink painting is also full of mystery in the eyes of foreigners. After all, foreigners have only been exposed to oil painting since childhood, and they do not know much about Chinese ink painting and the charm of ink painting. But Thomas Young took a different approach, combining European minimalism with ink and wash to create a painting called break out.

This painting uses only one tool, and the trick is to put many circles or semicircles together. In this painting, Thomas uses a variety of brush strokes, using one end of the pen as the center of a circle and turning the brush like a compass to create circles of 180 or 360 degrees. When these circles or semicircles were put together, a painting was created that looked like a race between many racing drivers. It's not really an ink painting, but it does use ink, so to the uninitiated foreigner, "Wow, that's a great painting! It has the mystery of China, but it also makes me understand what he means. This is the perfect ink painting in my mind."

Thomas calls his ink painting, this is not really a boring more like yourself a brainwave graffiti, crazy, but it turned out to be the foreigner with maple paper copy in the end of 100, and with each 500 yuan price for sale, enthusiasm of foreigners to Thomas out of inventory, some people even framed good hanging at home in the collection. The popularity of Thomas's work has worried some Chinese experts on traditional ink painting, who say the paintings could mislead foreigners about traditional ink painting and affect its international status.

Indeed, Thomas's Breakthrough broke with the conventional wisdom that ink was used either to write or to paint. So when minimalism and ink were mixed, Thomas successed.


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