Ming Style Furniture Is Popular All Over The World


2020-08-10 11:05:39


According to Thomas Chippendale(1718-1779), a British furniture master in the 18th century, in his "Guide to Furniture", there are only three types of furniture that can be matched in "style" in the world, namely: Ming furniture, Gothic furniture and Rococo (Louis XV) furniture. Among them, China's Ming dynasty style furniture tops the list.


The prevailing view in western fashion is that without Chinese elements, there would be no prestige. Throughout today's design field, we can indeed see the emergence of Chinese symbols such as Chinese red, embroidery, Cheongsam, dragon, phoenix, crane, etc. As the essence of Chinese traditional culture, its charm is everlasting and everlasting. When Chinese elements establish self-confidence, it will assume the mission of passing on Oriental civilization.


Ming dynasty style furniture crosses the boundary of time and culture, distinctive place lies in the contracted line that its become at one go, they come from 15, 16 and 17 centuries, shape is full of contemporary feeling however, and this kind of permanent contemporary feeling teaches person absolutely.


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