Simplicity Is The Best: The New Chinese Architectural Style


2020-08-10 17:00:10


The new Chinese architectural style is the modern interpretation of Chinese traditional architectural culture by the designers. It is not luxurious, there is no complex decoration, but with simple and internal collection, classical exquisite unique charm, and the integration of the traditional concept of "harmony between man and nature", and the natural environment, shaping an elegant space with Oriental Zen.


A touch of light and elegant color, a few lines of wash and practice, the Oriental ink freehand brushwork and modern concise perfect collision, although simple but not simple, so that the design with the faint artistic conception of the United States, more fit with the modern aesthetic and demand.


The extremely simple beauty of contemporary Chinese type household, depend on rhyme, depend on elegant, it blends in the quintessence of Chinese style classic culture in the life, combine modern design and bold creation again, let a space appear contracted, clear, simple, inside collect, presented unusual and full-bodied Oriental emotional appeal. Now popular extremely brief style, Chinese style also can extremely simple, do not have so much complex hollow-out line, also do not have the adornment design of thick ink heavy color, give a person however with pure and fresh meaningful experience, just like a quietly elegant ink and wash painting, natural and comfortable, lasting appeal is long.


Chinese style design retained traditional verity already, try to simplify innovation again, one pace one scene, be full of interest, need not exaggerate greatly sometimes, use a withered branch only, a few stone, a bundle of downy lamplight to match calligraphy and painting, potted, antique to wait for delicate sketch, can make it a place refined end scene, let dimensional administrative levels show more rich.


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