ArchitizerA+ Award: A Warmer China


2020-08-14 14:23:40


In this year's ArchitizerA+ award, I saw a more aesthetic and warm China, from Zaha's posthumous Beijing Daxing Airport to a very artistic "mountain toilet".

World famous architecture website Architizer has selected winners in the Archia + Awards. As one of the largest prizes in the world, not only Archival will participate in the selection, but also well-known media such as The Wall Street Journal, Phaidon and WSI will also be highly concerned every year.

This year, organizers received more than 5,000 entries from more than 100 countries, and more than 400,000 people participated, with a shortlisting rate of less than 10%. Competition is still fierce.

In the end, China won 29 awards.

Beijing Daxing Airport

Region: Beijing

Professional evaluation award Public evaluation award

Zaha Hadid Architects

In May last year, the first appearance of Daxing Airport captured the headlines of foreign media, and was named the top of the "New Seven Wonders of the World" by the British "Guardian" and other media. Located on the north bank of the Yongding River, the airport, which claims to have the "world's largest" single terminal, is the legacy of Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid. Shaped like a blazing phoenix, the airport has 82 gates spread out along its wings, and passengers can reach the gate on foot in no more than eight minutes.

The interior of The Daxing airport was designed by Mr. Zaha's team of colleagues, and his signature "streamline" curve is almost everywhere. The giant roof uses a space grid structure, where rigid steel is woven into a beautiful, free-form scalloped surface. Extending from the roof to the lower level, the glass in the hollowed-out area is like a blue, psychedelic planet. The railway from Beijing Daxing Airport to Xiongan is expected to open by the end of 2020, by which time passengers from Tianjin, Tangshan and other places are expected to take high-speed trains directly to the Daxing airport terminal.

%Arabica Coffee, Jianguo West Road, Shanghai

Region: Shanghai

Public Judging Award

Arabica Coffee, located on Jianguo West Road in Xuhui District, ranks first among coffee lovers and was designed by Qingshan Zhouping.

The 50-square-metre building, which is not particularly impressive, ditches the usual facades in favour of curved transparent glass and small courtyards, unexpectedly allowing the cafe to engage in a dialogue with the street.

Mountain Toilet in Kunyu Mountain Forest Park

Region: Shandong

Professional Accreditation Award



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