Chinese Hot Pot Packing Design


2020-08-17 14:09:06


Speaking of the essence of hot pot, of course, can not speak without authentic hot pot ingredients. With the popularity of hot pot, the packaging design of hot pot is more and more personalized.

As one of the regional cultural characteristics of Chongqing hotpot, this hotpot base gift box takes the mountain city punch-card tourism as the entry point, and draws six classic punch-card scenic spots -- Hongya Cave, Jiefangbei, Ciqikou, Auditorium, Qiansi Gate and Grand Theater, and draws them in the magnificent panoramic map of the mountain city.

In addition, the illustration depicts the beautiful scenery of the intersection of the two rivers in the way of color blocks. By showing the urban charm bred by the landscape, the hotpot sauce is the "hot and spicy" characteristic of this city. The gift box focuses on the output of local culture as well as its profound and appropriate characteristics. In terms of structure, it is divided into individual small packages. Each package corresponds to a picture of scenic spots.

The red and green tones are combined with the modern illustration of the store, and the decorative elements such as the gate building, dragon head and Sichuan pepper ingredients are integrated to convey the happy emotion of the hot pot food with rich picture content, thus highlighting the slow pace of life in Sichuan.

After opening the gift box is a layer of hollowed window paper, just like through the porch to see the world, neat and symmetrical box shape design, unified visual effect more cultural level and connotation. It breaks through the stereotype of the hotpot base material and even the hotpot itself. The differentiated style design is more likely to arouse the curiosity of consumers in the market of similar competing products.

More illustration elements with regional cultural characteristics are added to the package of hotpot. Through the popular product of hotpot seasoning, the unique cuisine culture of China's landmark cities is displayed. Inclusive design is also believed to be the potential driving force of product marketing.


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