Lan Zhaoxing: Mysterious Nights


2020-08-19 18:10:58


Lan Zhaoxing (1977, Shanxi, China), majoring in sculpture at The Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University, and a graduate student in oil painting at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Many solo exhibitions have been held in Beijing. Lan's artistic value is not only reflected in the creation of his paintings, but also in his words.

Evening is always a time for reflection, like fragments of poetry, mysterious, adventurous, introspective, fanciful. Time corrupts and destroys us, but night brings us back into our bodies. A painting should be a beginning and an end. Although there is a length of time between the beginning and the end of the gaze, the consistency of the end result is very important. We are always "seeing" and "being seen". Ordinary people tend to think only about the ordinary physical form of "seeing things" and ignore the "being seen" component. The surface of the seen and the visible is flat and neutral, but when it gazes at us, it haunts us and relates to us.

The most important thing is to grasp the essence of art, not the Times. If what was a masterpiece five hundred years ago is still a masterpiece today, it will not change with the changing times. This is a quote from today, and also from Nelum's older experience. I have a settled down mood recently, no matter this mood has a slight loss, or full of fighting forward. I am thinking about what time has given me. In fact, The most precious thing I have gained is the freedom from mental bondage and the absolute freedom in art. I am thinking about my own shortcomings in order to constantly improve myself. Is it realistic? I will get over it and make progress instead of wasting it on complaining about life. No one stands in the way of progress, and if there is, you are your own worst enemy. I have a studio, I can eat what I want, I have a free spirit, And I haven't done what I don't want to do for a living.

Creation is a very mysterious, joyful and painful thing.Before painting in the face of a blank canvas, there has been a complete image in your mind, but the process of painting is a process of meditation and self struggle, very hard, want to want to want to express, finished may and was entirely different, this is a new creature, and so I looked at it appears in my in front, I often in the face of their own when they want to work, how do I finish it, it is how to become like this, it appears in the real face of in front of me, I love them.


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