Chinese Design Entries In The 2020 Dezeen Awards Increased


2020-08-20 14:26:47


The first round of the 2020 Dezeen Awards came to an end yesterday as the results were announced and the organisers announced the long list of finalists. More than 4,300 entries were received from 84 countries and regions on six continents, officials said. Perhaps due to the epidemic and other factors, the number of entries has been reduced compared to last year's total of more than 4,500. A total of 302 projects were shortlisted in the first round of the competition, of which 46 were from China, accounting for 15.2%. Compared with the previous two years, the proportion of China was improved. According to the award researchers, the "regenerative project" category is China's most shortlisted entry, with 12 Chinese design projects being shortlisted. In addition, there are two categories in which there are no Chinese design projects shortlisted, namely "urban single-family residence" and "Rural single-family Residence".

2020 Dezeen Awards Architecture group - China shortlisted below:


Yinan Persimmon Restore

AISA-Free Studio


The Borderless Community of Zi Ni Twelve Portals

 Fei Architects



MAD Architects



MAD Architects

Residential rebirth project


Qishe Courtyard


Civic building project


 Liva Riverside Book Bar

 Lacime Architects



 Courtyard Kindergarten

 MAD Architects



 Yulin Alley

 Nhoow Architects



 Lizigou Red Brick Ceremonial Hall Building




Huandao Middle School

Trace Architecture Office


Cultural building


Qingxi Culture and History Museum

The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University



Wetland Research and Education Centre

Atelier Z+


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