Design In Beijing Subway Station


2020-08-20 14:51:25


Zhushikou Station once selected as one of the top ten most beautiful subway stations in China's Beijing Subway. Opened the door to the design of the Beijing subway station. What else can we design for the subway?

First of all, Zhushikou station is known as the "underground central axis" because of its location in Qianmen Street. Therefore, we can see that the design of the subway station is based on the design concept of "the axis in the door", presenting the shape of "the door".

What is worth mentioning most is the "fleeting time" of Pearl Market mouth station, modelling serves as an ornament with golden yellow paper, presented a kind of "sculpture sense" to the person. The design of the station is full of old Beijing flavor, the walls in the form of black linear, painted Beijing street, hutong bustling scene.

The orange-and-white vaulted design on the ceiling, combined with the paintings on the walls, achieves the "icing on the cake" and makes the whole design look more "Beijing". At the transfer passage of Line 8 and Line 7, the Mosaic cube depicts the scene of rosy clouds and swift flying in Beijing. The direction of the swallow flying is designed according to the trend of people.

In fact, in addition to the Station, There are many stations in Beijing are also very outstanding design.

Liao Gongzhuang station

The theme of Liao Gongzhuang station is "summer", with brick red background on the walls and several arches. The arch is a Mosaic of the houhai view of Beijing. The transfer corridor of Liao Gongzhuang Station is also very interesting. The walls on both sides are full of sea stars, shells and other Marine scenes. And the use of "blue + red" as the main color match is very artistic conception.

West huangcun station

The theme of xihuang Village station is "autumn" and Liao Gongzhuang Station adopts the same design technique, with red brick walls as the main color. The view in the arch is also in the form of Mosaic, presenting the golden autumn scenery of Beijing.

Yang Zhuang station

The theme of Yangzhuang station is "winter". First of all, the entrance hall is a scenic spot with color-changing lights. Getting down to the subway will give you a "crossing" feeling. Every arch on the brick-red wall is a scene of winter snow. In the background, snow scenes of various scenic spots have been moved into Yangzhuang Station

Ciqikou stations

As the Ciqikou subway station is near Cao Xueqin's only historical residence in Beijing, the famous "seventeen and a half rooms", the whole design is themed with the characters of Dream of Red Mansions. The background of the mural is in the form of color block splicing to show the figure in the center, and the white background is highlighted. Then match the copy in the Dream of red mansions to give a person full of cultural charm.


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