Liu Jicheng With His Chinese Traditional Dough Figurines


2020-08-23 16:44:23


With the popularity of model culture, people are obsessed with collecting artifacts from all over the world. In fact, a thousand years ago, China already had its own. It's called dough figurines.

In Liu Jicheng's works, the ladies behind a small screen fan was charming. Dough figurine making is an ancestral craft of Liu Jicheng. Due to the limitations of family conditions, once lost. Once upon a time, he saw Premier Zhou Enlai receiving folk artists, and those shocking folk works ignited his deep love. In those hungry times, there was a shortage of food. Without noodles, he practiced with mud. Without money, he worked everywhere. He kept his dream quietly in his heart until the day he had the chance. 

Pour the tenderness and love into the dough figurine without any reservation. At present he creates the Oriental spirit series work, is preparing to publish the book.

As one of the treasures of Oriental art, Liu jicheng has traveled to Poland, Singapore, Mauritius and other countries with his country One Belt And One Road. Compared with paper-cutting and embroidery, the art of dough sculpture is unique to China. With its detailed depiction and historical background, "Oriental sculpture" amazed foreign artists.


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