Qing Dynasty Porcelain: The End of China's Beauty


2020-08-24 16:51:54


Qing dynasty porcelain is the end of China's beauty.

Ma Weidu said, "The three generations of Kangxi, Yongcheng and Qianlong produced porcelain, which were the most successful in China. The quality of the fine, the shape of the many, the rich glaze, are the peak."

Kangxi fired more varied than the Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain "blue and white multicolor", someone said, looking like sapphire general clarity.

Blue and white porcelain, started in the Tang Dynasty, became popular in the Yuan Dynasty, flourished in the Ming Dynasty, but reached its peak in the Kangxi Dynasty.

Kangxi admired the ancient elegance of Chinese literati, so he copied and burned the color glaze of song Dynasty minimalism, which can be seen everywhere from elegance and minimalism. Kangxi was also the first emperor to learn Western culture, so he learned western enamel and created and burned Chinese enamel paintings, which were colorful and over elaborate.

Compared with the colorful blue and white that Kangxi loved, Yongcheng loved the restrained elegance of Song porcelain more. He is tranquil and aloof, delicate and elegant, and has high requirements for porcelain. The monochromatic glaze of the Yongcheng Period has become an aesthetic style far beyond that of the Song and Ming Dynasties.


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