Printmaker Huang Yongyu


2020-08-27 11:41:48


In the 1930s, the emerging Chinese printmaking movement initiated by Lu Xun rose to its peak. Young Huang Yongyu opened his own way of engraving creation with his book How to Study Woodcarving. Without any professional training, he has a keen sense of cognition and internalization that is faithful to life. With a deep love for her hometown Fenghuang, Huang yongyu wrote down infinite romantic sentiment and full of poetry, and started from making illustrations for literary works, newspapers and magazines, and created a large number of print works. This rooted in the deep heart of the real emotion, so that his creation in the future carved knife emitting fresh and continuous power.

In 1936, Huang Yongyu left his hometown Of Phoenix and moved to many places. Fujian, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong... Until the early 1950s, Huang Yongyu was invited back to Beijing to participate in the preparation of the Central Academy of Fine Arts department. At the point of change between the old and the new, the thirty-year-old Huang Yongyu tried to find a deeper expression language in the creation and teaching of emerging prints. He went deep into the forests of the Xiaoxing 'an Mountains and created a large number of woodcuts with forest themes. He was sent to Rongbaozhai to learn traditional Chinese watermarking techniques. Met qi Baishi, who was also in Beijing at that time, and carved a watermark color print portrait for him. He also lived in the village of Erspoon in Yunnan Lunan County for two months and created the classic "Ashima" image using the Village's Sani women general branch committee as the model...

In addition, Huang yongyu is very good at illustrating various literary stories, especially for children's literature, such as fairy tales, fables and other creation of a large number of illustrations is unique. In the recent exhibition, visitors can enjoy the humorous people or animals under Huang Yongyu's knife: the cunning fox, the frog at the bottom of a well, the duckling in exile... It's vivid and fun, but it's not the same as the innocence of children. This combination of naive interest and ironic reality gives The illustrations of Huang Yongyu's fairy tales a deeper form and meaning.

Huang Yongyu prints Art Exhibition, a series of 20th century Chinese fine arts masters exhibition sponsored by Beijing Art Academy, co-organized by Guangxi Normal University Press Group Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Beijing Art Academy Art Museum, will be held on the 1st to 3rd floor of Beijing Art Academy Art Museum on August 26, 2020. With huang Yongyu's personal handwriting as the clue, this exhibition selects nearly 200 pieces of his printmaking works from the 1940s to the 1990s, trying to outline the development narrative and creation appearance of the master's printmaking comprehensively and completely.


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