When A Country Weaver Become A Carpet Designer


2020-08-27 11:40:39


For rural weavers in The Indian state of Rajasthan, creating a carpet entirely on their own is something they never imagined. Jaipur Rugs, the Indian carpet company named creative Enterprise of the Year 2019, argues that the creativity of these rural craftsmen should not be limited. So they started Artisan Originals. The program inspired the creative potential of these village weavers to become designers of their own carpets for the first time.


"The carpet becomes a canvas for these weavers, who weave their daily life content into their products by hand and freely integrate inspirations from their personal lives. The concept of 'artisan originality' is incorporated into the brand's product range, and the stories of carpets created and designed by weavers are endless." Says Kishore Chowdhury, founder of the brand.


Jaipur Carpets is a family-owned business that aims to pass on and protect traditional local crafts and build Bridges between rural crafts and global consumers. After years of nurturing artisan workers at the core, they already have the largest network of artisans in India as Jaipur carpets grow. While continuing the ancient craft of creating carpets, it also provided a livelihood for the families of 40,000 artisans, 80% of whom were women.

Founded in 1978 by Mr Chaudhry, The Jaipur Carpet Company today has more than 7,000 looms and sells to more than 60 countries. Today, The Jaipur Carpet Company collaborates with designers with a new vision and sense of The Times as well as artisans skilled in ancient crafts to create carpet art that is more in line with the contemporary aesthetic.


Local weavers draw inspiration, patterns, and colors from their rural environment. The rest of the yarn waste is made with labor-intensive manual knotting ways, for example in the carpet weaving process, weaver played a play of a single technology, the traditional process will waste to make full use of, and through the cooperation with designers, with the joint efforts of both sides finally in 2018, Germany European Product Design Award (German European Product Design Award) won the bronze medal.


Today Jaipur’s carpet artisans are praised for their ski In the face of the chaos caused by the global epidemic, they continue to uphold the values of the past, and strive to move forward.


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