Six Schools Of Chinese Architecture Have Amazed The World


2020-08-30 15:57:16


There is a kind of beauty, only Chinese people understand, that is the ancient Chinese buildings. For thousands of years, many ancient buildings with distinctive features were left behind. These buildings can be divided into the following six schools: Hui, Min, Jing, Su, Jin and Chuan.

Different schools of architecture, with its unique historical and cultural heritage and their own stories. They may be delicate, or majestic. Each beauty has its own charm. Let's walk into them together and feel the massiness and diversity of the history of China.

The beauty of Hui-style architecture lies in the elegance of Hui-style dwellings: white walls with blue tiles. Hui-style architecture is famous for its folk houses, ancestral halls and memorial archways. It gathers the spirit of Huizhou's mountains and rivers and integrates the essence of customs and culture. Hui-style architecture, one of the most prominent architectural styles among the six architectural factions, is the representative of the mid-South folk dwellings.

Hui-style buildings were added to the World Heritage List in 2000. The most typical houses, ancestral halls and memorial archways are praised as the three wonders of Huizhou ancient architecture, which are highly valued and admired by the architectural circles at home and abroad.

The beauty of Su architecture exists in Suzhou gardens with thousands of years of history.

The beauty of Fujian architecture lies in the fact that its earth buildings, which have been inherited for more than 500 years, have brought into full play the techniques of compaction of raw earth to the extreme. The individual buildings are of great scale and precision. The bunker architecture style is still in use today and is extremely solid, which can be used for fire prevention and shock protection, as well as for resisting the invasion of the enemy.

The beauty of Beijing architecture lies in its quadrangle courtyards, which have evolved over 700 years.The courtyard is wide and the houses on all sides are independent, ranging from the royal palace to the civilian residence. Every piece of carving and painting is priceless treasure of northern culture.

No matter what kind of architectural school, cannot leave the craftsman people to spend several years elaborately carve, condenses the craftsman's wisdom. All of them embody the unique Chinese aesthetics.


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