Bleed Design Studio: Challenge Tradition And Embrace The Future


2020-09-03 13:31:09


Bleed, is the industry term for graphic design and printing. To ensure that the design has no whiteness due to the cut error, the designer reserves the bleed area. People are more willing to extend it to the meaning of bold, breakthrough. "Spontaneous, eclectic, and meaningful" is the design philosophy of The Norwegian Bleed Design Studio. Influenced by the living environment and culture, people in Norway tend to go their own way and have distinct personalities. In this context, it is not surprising to see designs that are not confined by conventions and dare to question them.

The design of Bleed is no exception. There is always an unexpected and unconventional design concept. When I chose "Bleed" as the studio's name, I was determined to make a difference. At the same time maintain rigorous demeanor, but also do not lose the search for new things of the exuberant vitality.

The meaning of "Bleed" is to break through tradition boldly, to cut out the redundant and old parts, to keep the best point of vein and hair, and to keep the contemporary style of careful and living. As we all know, Norway belongs to the Scandinavian region, whose design style emerged in the 1930s. This design style integrates the rigorous spirit of functionalism and the local characteristics of nationalism, combines the simple organic form with the simple and generous color, transforms the complex into simple, simple and heavy, and makes the functional and aesthetic combination perfect. The sky is light and quiet. As the largest peninsula in Europe, many countries in Scandinavia are located near the Arctic Circle. The appearance of northern Aurora makes the design style of the whole Northern Europe enveloped in mysterious and dreamlike colors.


Svein Haakon Lia, creative director and co-founder of Bleed Design Studio, has said: "Nordic design has always been about simplicity, understatement and fineness, rather than status, luxury and glitz. It is not so much the pursuit of minimalism as the pursuit of practical beauty and functional beauty. In other words, life becomes more convenient when you cut out the heavy stuff, and elegance and simplicity come with it." With its clean design style and visual impact inspired by the integration, convergence and collision of various cultures and disciplines, Bleed breaks the boundaries of design, art, vision and strategy, making continuous breakthroughs and innovations. Simple and generous, and with the combination of national and functional, "human touch", green environmental protection, this is the daily life condensed into crystal, refined into gold. In an age of material desire and electric light, it is important to transcend tradition and establish humanity. It is important to keep the national culture and take its essence. But the most important thing is to have a warm heart that loves life and is kind to nature.


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