Ballet Exquisite Evening Party


2020-09-03 13:48:10


Concerts, operas, Peking Opera...Last night, the "Colorful Autumn Charm" series of The National Center for the Performing Arts held its first online dance performance, and the "Ballet Exquisite Evening Party" of the Central Ballet Troupe presented a wonderful dance feast with five works.

In many people's eyes, ballet is synonymous with "elegance" and "mystery". In the guided tour before the live broadcast of the performance, Lu Fang, the host of Beijing Radio and Television Station, opened the tip of the iceberg of ballet art for the audience: the ballet stage is different, and this "different" is even in the physical sense. Deep underground in the National Center for the Performing Arts Opera House is a professional ballet platform. When a dancer lands, it cushions the ground, reducing the impact on the joints of the legs. The platform was also covered with floor glue to prevent the dancers from slipping; The Chinese and foreign classics of the ballet Cinderella, the second act, the ballet The Fairy, the second act, and the Chinese ballet Red Detachment of Women, the first stage of the Evergreen Guide, have appeared on the stage, giving full play to the solid foundation of Chinese and Foreign actors and actresses. Finally,


"Flying against the Wind" is a symphonic ballet created by Zhongba on the theme of "fighting against the epidemic", which pays tribute to the "most beautiful traveler" in the epidemic who is not afraid of danger and moves forward against the wind. "The actors' arms are like wings spreading against the wind. One represents the ideal, the other represents the faith, which is a powerful force to support people to march forward forward." "' Flying Against the Wind 'is more than just a work," said Feibo, who wrote and directed the work. "It is also an attitude that aims to arouse the flame of hope in all hearts and strive for a better future."


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