Mahjong With Innovative Changes


2020-09-03 14:08:36


During the Chinese New Year festival, the elders in Chinese families always played mahjong. Undoubtedly, mahjong is the most classic card game in Chinese culture, which carries the continuation of many generations. With its green and white traditional color matching, engraving exclusive brand face, symbols and fonts, get the "quintessence of China" the good name is not too much, but now you and I are familiar with mahjong, unexpectedly had unexpected innovative changes.



Machill, designed by THE 1990s LAB team from Taiwan, completely shattered people's stereotypical impression of mahjong. The name is more from mahjong Taiwanese homophonic, meaning a kind of intimate is: Wish you play while Chill!


The mahjong game, named Machill, actually started as a graduation project of the design team when they were in college. They redesigned mahjong, chips, card ruler and tables and chairs together, and won the "New Generation Design Award" in 2012, as well as the "German Red dot Design Award" affirmation. However, this work was not successfully commercialized in that year, and the team members rolled around in their own workplace. It was not until the 90s Lab was established in recent years that the plan was restarted again. It took 2 years to adjust the CARDS, symbols, fonts, colors and other details, and drew countless drafts. Finally, I found the most appropriate balance between tradition and innovation. In response to the long square shape of mahjong, the fonts are selected as the base of the slender long song style, and then blended into the charm of the beginning and end of the traditional regular script handwritten strokes.


The original card surface tries to use dark blue with gray, which makes the whole look simpler. In addition, there are also versions with traditional red and green colors. The back is available in both white and black back versions. In addition to mahjong, card ruler has also been redesigned, the long side of a number of cutting corners, so that flip card ruler more convenient. If you add a scale, you can draw faster.


The 90s Lab hopes to optimize the experience of playing mahjong through these small ideas. In line with the changes of life, culture and humanistic customs, we use modern design to reverse the traditional craft. "Many of the original frames can be dismantled or rebuilt. In this way, new elements can be born and a stream of creativity can be triggered.


"Machill" carries the spirit of Oriental culture, making mahjong an art and a gift, and spreading to a more far-reaching and extensive field.


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