Jiakun's New Architecture: Conservation And Renewal Of China's Old Neighborhoods


2020-09-06 16:41:18


Jiakun Architects has renovated an old neighborhood in Songyang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. Located in the middle of Songyang county, The Wenmiao and Chenghuang Temple block has been the public activity place and cultural center of Songyang since ancient times. After a hundred years of changes, there are buildings of different historical periods left. But in the past decade, the once central site has been in decline, its neighborhoods cluttered and its businesses moribund.

The architectural and environmental elements of different ages become precious time traces, which record and shape the functional evolution and life scene of the old city center. How to deal with the relationship between the new and the old, so that the former spiritual and cultural center links the contemporary life again, becomes the key point of the design.

The design inserts a renewal system into the carded site -- a winding continuous dark red weathering steel corridor. The corridor made a deliberate concession to the status of the trees and the preservation of the remains.

The narrow part is a corridor, which keeps the old building in series. Wide for the room, accommodate the new format. Create an open and traditional garden atmosphere.

The corridor is one storey high, lower than the cornice of the old building. For example, the low and flat "booth" serves as a foil to the reserved building as "exhibit". The old and the new coexist.

The project continues the original temple culture and market culture of the two temple blocks, implanting into the bookstore, coffee, art museum, intangible cultural heritage workshop, home stay and other formats, providing a public place for cultural exchange activities for the surrounding community and even the whole Songyang. The project restores and reinforces the traditional pattern of the block. The lost temple has been renovated to continue the fireworks in the streets and become a stage for cultural events.

Between the interaction of the new interface and the old interface, life rolls out for the first time, reuniting the old city's popularity. The preserved and updated block is transformed into a pan-museum that displays the architectural remains and dynamic cultural life of centuries, embracing the surrounding community in an open manner, and becoming the spiritual and cultural center of Songyang once again.


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