The Design And The People's Livelihood In Core77 Design Awards


2020-09-11 10:49:56


From the winning works of the Core77 Design Awards in 2020, we can see the attitude that Design should have: combining Design with people's livelihood.


"Core77" is a famous American design website. In 2020, the Ninth year of the Core77 Design Awards, 18 different design categories offer students and professionals the opportunity to promote their designs. Most of the works have attracted attention because of their design sense and people's livelihood value. People's livelihood, which is closely related to human beings, is often the source of inspiration for designers. These flashes of inspiration release their power and show their social, cultural and economic value through their unique design perspective. In terms of packaging design ideas and brand value, Chinese liquor "Tian and Kong", namely the idea of sky, is selected by Chinese liquor "Tian and Kong". A leisurely fish in the bottle reminds people of Zhuangzi's "joy of fish". The color of the bottle shows the concept of the sky in dark blue, the bottle body is streamlined upward, and finally gathered in the cap. The white cap is like a white cloud floating dome, and combined with the pit simulating the shape of hills at the bottom of the bottle, this packaging design presents the ideal of Chinese people's life of music, landscape, poetry and wine incisively and vividly.



The 20th century feminist thought influenced the packaging design of Stacy's "Upward Project". Stacy's Rise is a potato chip brand founded by a woman, Stacy, so it's a women's start-up. The livelihood issues related to women indirectly derived from the potato chip packaging design designed by six female artists. They describe the stages of "upward" : inspiration, courage, perseverance, nutrition, success, and solidarity. Each stage has its own design features, and in the fifth stage, "Success," the artist Jade Purple Brown created a unique female figure on the potato chip bag that looks sideways, chin up, and draws the eye. Bold color collocation makes it impossible to ignore the repeated appearance of the wavy elements. Such a design alleviates the alienation of the high and cold women in the picture, and also emphasizes the unique line sense of women.


Some critics say: "Design for people's livelihood must be not excessive, not artificial, not exaggerated, not showy design, is environmentally friendly, recycling, sustainable design." From the Morris Arts and Crafts movement in England in the 19th century to the Bauhaus Movement in Germany in the 20th century, it can be seen that the development of design has always been related to people's livelihood. For people's livelihood, it keeps innovating.


This year, the Bauhaus design style is still visible Core77 design award winning entries, "way to brand Men's wash protect suit" (Menthod Men) is different from the conventional products packaging on the market, the design of the flat cover makes packaging industrial design style, designed to make Men feel familiar with, and apart from the rest of the products and brands, the radian of the bottle design round and soft, consumers can be inverted bottle and with the last drop of shampoo. The use of morandi colors, the clear typesetting of priorities, and the screen printing of product names make it more simple and delicate visually. The re-understanding and application of design materials is a new trend in the design industry. The men's care package is packaged with post-consumption recycled resin, and all bottles have at least 65% recycled content after consumption, minimizing the use of raw plastic.


Julian Gamper, a student at Vienna's University of The Applied Sciences, has his own ideas about environmental protection. He tried to find an alternative to disposable plastics, and he designed A Flamio Container. Instead of using petroleum as a manufacturing base, the container uses natural beeswax.


Gamper found that people had been using beeswax to store food for hundreds of years because it was non-toxic and reusable. He designed a multi-ring wick outside the container. When the container was not needed, the wick would be lit and burned like a candle. The package could also be used for composting without the need to worry about the burden on the land.


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