Phoenix Flowers Red In Xiamen University


2020-09-14 13:24:13


Whenever you come to the coast of the East China Sea, no matter who is standing on the beach of Baicheng facing the sea, memories of your school days will always come to your mind.


Xiamen University, founded in 1921, is the first university founded by overseas Chinese in modern Chinese history. Surrounded by various scenic spots, Xiamen University is one of the most beautiful universities in China due to its advantageous geographical location.


Living in the most beautiful campus, every student of Xiamen University is a "walking navigation". Before the opening of the tourist booking system, there was a long queue at the gate of Xiamen West Village every day, and the station was full of tourists from the north and the south waiting to enter the school. Therefore, students of Xiamen University always nicknamed the school "Xiamen People's Park".


Xiamen University is a university attached to the sea, with several doors opening to the sea. In the early morning, I went to the beach to watch the waves. At night, I sat and watched the stars rising and the moon shining brightly. Flowers are alike from year to year, but people are different from year to year. In the phoenix flowers bloom and fall, generations of Xiamen youth years also quietly flying. In June, phoenix flowers red along the street, a session of Xiamen University graduates farewell Alma mater. In September phoenix flowers red like fire, a level of Xiamen university freshmen and come to admire.


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