Chinese Moon Cake In The National Tide


2020-09-23 11:13:27



When I was young, I didn't like to eat moon cakes very much. After many years, the Mid-Autumn Festival has not yet come, but I began to miss the small round cake.That's the way food is. When you're young, you plant seeds. When you grow up, you can't lose the taste. A few days ago, a friend from the South sent me boxes of mooncakes, packaged in a way that goes beyond my ancient assumptions about the food.


The "country" in the national tide represents a unique cultural symbol of a country. How to use these ancient classical elements is a big problem. The color has significant differences between China and the West. For example, in China, "qing" can be blue, green or black. It represents hope and life. In the West, there are no words that fully cover these three meanings. Their blue is more certain, like the color used by the French artist Yves Klein, which represents the extreme depth and purity.


For brands, color is even more important because it conveys the overall tone of a product.


When I got a MoTown gift box from a friend, the first thing I noticed was the color. The colour, similar to the classic Hermes orange, was chosen by hermes during World War II because of a lack of wrapping paper, and received unexpected acclaim. The orange color, elegant and vibrant, fits MoTown's niche.


In the history and culture of China and the West, the pattern carved or woven appeared earlier. Comparatively speaking, Chinese patterns are more concrete. Even if there are only curving moire with lines, we can still recognize the shape of Izumo by its name and pattern. Western patterns are more abstract, especially Arabic patterns that draw on Persian and Roman decorative art experience, with simple geometric patterns.


We often say that this is the era when Chinese brands stride forward and the national trend rises in a straight line. However, it is never an easy thing to better combine the great treasure representing the national trend with the expression of the national trend.


National fashion is not a simple composition of two words, nor a simple diversion of several classic images. It requires the creator to dig deeply into the tradition on the premise of paying attention to product quality, and integrate into the present at the same time. Obviously, MoTown provides a model that combines retro with fashion, Chinese with Western, which is a different way of practice from other brands. It makes the combination of the two more attractive.


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