Song Dynasty Blue And White Porcelain


2020-09-23 15:04:47


Blue and white porcelain fired in Jingdezhen area in song Dynasty. The porcelain making process is exquisite, the style characteristic is obvious. We will make a new review and discussion on the song Dynasty blue and white porcelain from the three aspects of "design", "artistry" and "thinking".

Lines are the basic structure of design. Proportion, straight curve and so on strive to achieve the unity of demand. Blue and white porcelain is a combination of lines in the northern and southern porcelains of the Song Dynasty. Although similar objects have the same shape, their radians are different. If they are added with different height ratios, their final images will be obviously different.

A song Dynasty blue and white porcelain has a different temperament because of the changes in the line. In addition to its cultural value and cultural value, whether it can become a work of art is the result of the joint action of the object itself and the examiner.

Lines and charm are like two sharp swords, a visible sword and an invisible sword. All the blue and white porcelain of the Song Dynasty can be called "top quality" after the experience of these two swords, and the whole-body shines with charming light, which makes people extremely praise. But in this flickering light there is something scarcer, an infinite, motionless power, an intricate and profound "thoughtfulness" implicit in the simple exterior of the objects that possess it, and the key to this power lies in the observer.


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