The Professor From CAFA Create Art In The Factory With His Wife


2020-09-25 12:09:29


Sui Jianguo, an artist who joined a textile factory as a worker at 16 and entered university at 24, stayed on to teach at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the late 1980s and is one of the most influential contemporary Chinese artists.


In 1997, he brought a large number of artists to Beijing 798, which attracted the attention of the foreign media for the first time. Four years ago, he went to the outer suburbs of Beijing and built his own art gallery and studio. The studio is filled with his iconic sculptures over the years, including two of the world's most 3D printed sculptures, one finer than a human hair and the other using expensive space materials.


Since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak this year, Sui Jiengo and his wife, Lee Adon, have been in the studio. They haven't been out of the house for five months and have been working every day. Art itself is life, I do art is to enjoy life.


Having been sculpting for more than 30 years, Sui Jianguo has become one of the most representative artists in contemporary Chinese sculpture. His work has been placed in the permanent collection of the British Museum and he became the first Chinese sculptor to exhibit his work in New York's Central Park.


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