Pan Lusheng: Inheritance And Education Of Traditional Craft


2020-09-28 10:38:39


Pan Lusheng, PhD in Art, professor and doctoral supervisor, is now vice Chairman of China Federation of Arts and Crafts, member of ethnic and Religious Committee of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC, chairman of Shandong Federation of Arts and Crafts, and President of Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts.

Since before the establishment of civilization, culture and skills have been intertwined with human production and life. The long history and ancient civilization have left a rich cultural heritage for the Chinese nation. Intangible cultural heritage, as an important part of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, carries people's memory about the mode of work and the way of life, and shapes the cultural space. With the return of excellent traditional culture to life and the gradual revitalization of traditional technology, how to inherit and carry forward it is a topic of widespread concern in the society.

Culture has a colorful appearance, rich and diverse forms, and its function of cultivating people's minds and casting the soul with strong roots has enabled those cultural heritages honed by time to take root in our hearts. The traditional culture that is most closely related to our life is the intangible cultural heritage of intangible skills from generation to generation.

In recent years, the heat in the field of intangible cultural heritage has been heating up. "    We should think calmly about the reasons behind it. What should we do? For the problems, such as traditional handicrafts resources, protection of the rights and interests of the individual economy failed to effectively implement, it was still difficult to do. Pan Lusheng thought to improve the occasion, in the protection of intellectual property rights, relevant technical standards and design specifications, the related development organization of sound, etc. The most important thing is how do we take these cultural heritage.


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