Luodian: A Unique Art Treasure Of China


2020-09-28 11:52:37


Luodian (mother-of-pearl inlay) is a unique art treasure of Chinese Han nationality. It refers to the decorative process of grinding spiral shells and seashells into thin flakes such as figures, flowers and birds, geometric figures, which are inlaid on the surface of the implements according to the needs of the picture.


The word "Dian", according to the annotation in "Ci Hai", means inlaid decoration. As mother-of-pearl is a kind of natural thing with a natural appearance and strong visual effect, it is also the most common traditional decorative art, widely used in lacquerware, furniture, Musical Instruments, screens, boxes, basins and dishes, etc.

Mother-of-pearl is usually applied to precious hardwood furniture, such as rosewood, pear, and rosewood, most of which are rosewood. In contrast, mother of pearl in Su-style furniture is rarely used alone and often mixed with other inlays, such as emerald jade, ivory and coral. This is often referred to as "pearl inlay".


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