Jingdezhen Sculpture Porcelain Factory


2020-09-29 10:38:35



In history, the first name card for China entering the Western world was porcelain. The first was the casting of Coins, and the second was the firing of the kilns of the dynasty. The porcelains in the imperial kilns of all dynasties directly reflected the aesthetic standard and cultural rise and fall of that dynasty. Such as the majestic blue and white porcelain of yuan Dynasty and Qing Dynasty porcelain. They all represented the aesthetic standard and social value orientation of the dynasty.


China's ceramic sculpture art has a long history, as early as the Neolithic age, pottery with the emergence of pottery appeared. The firing of ceramics in Jingdezhen began in the Han Dynasty. The earliest record of Jingdezhen ceramic sculpture was in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. In the Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen ceramics entered a brilliant period. The name of Jingdezhen also comes from the year number of that year.


Because Jingdezhen is located in the northeast of Jiangxi, southeast hills, rolling hills, rivers crisscross. It forms a natural shelter. So that they can escape the war, porcelain builders from all over the country gathered in Jingdezhen, development and inheritance. Jingdezhen became the center of porcelain making in China.


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