Chinese Fan Surface: A Medium of Artistic Creation


2020-10-10 17:11:30


Fan is a very common object in our daily life, before it became a tool to cool off the summer, it used to show etiquette.


After thousands of years of development, fan surface has gradually become a medium of artistic creation and a symbol of culture and art. The Chinese characters and paintings on the fans show the artistic style of the painters and calligraphers. For the sake of relieving the summer heat, or for the sake of giving to good friends, or for the sake of expressing one's feelings and thoughts, fans are practical and artistic items.


The earliest fan in China appeared in the Shang Dynasty. It was a long-handled fan made of pheasant tail feathers. At that time, fans were used only for shade and dust. In the Western Han Dynasty, fans began to be used for cooling. In the procession of later feudal emperors and senior officials, the fan not only became a tool for emperors to shade, cool and protect themselves from dust when they went out, but also a tool to show the majesty of the emperor, so it was also called "the procession fan". In the famous painting, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty sits on the stepping on a chariot carried by six palace ladies. Behind him, two palace ladies hold high screen fans, which sets off the emperor's style and dignity.


Many of the images show the deep roots of Chinese fan culture.


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