The House Of A Famous Painter In Chengdu: The Doorplate Wins


2020-10-16 10:35:41



Chengdu artist Yang Mian came to suburban Sansheng township in 2010. He designed and built his own working and living space. At the door of his house he had a statue of a Roman Holiday. Such a striking and special house number beats most luxury houses in China.


Yang Mian is also particularly fond of "wasting" space. He not only makes three gardens, but also enjoys enjoying flowers and eating with her family in different gardens in different seasons. A larger terrace was built outside.


He is known in many circles as the artist who knows most about architecture.


Above the garage is a sculpture of "Roman Holiday", Yang Mian's own work. When people were young, they thought it was the most romantic life, at that time the influence of these cultures on China was too great. Make a sculpture into a door sign, and people can find a studio in no time. Only artists do that.


Yang Mian said: Chinese houses are basically decoration to repair the defects of architecture, soft decoration to repair the defects of interior design, and finally art to repair the defects of soft decoration. It's actually rather boring to live in a constant home. Artwork, in my opinion, is the flowing landscape of family culture.


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