Yang Guidong: A Chinese Designer Who Combines Chinese And Western Styles


2020-10-16 11:02:01


Recently, the semi-finalists of the Prestigious LVMH Prize For Young Designers were announced, and Yang Guidong, a designer from China, was successfully shortlisted.


In today's "national trend", Yang Guidong's personal independent designer SAMUEL GUI YANG starts from the artistic exploration of abstract conceptualization and applies the new balance point of eastern and Western cultural elements to costume design. In this process, his personal brand image gradually emerges and becomes the hot independent designer brand at present.

As a new generation of young designers, Yang Guidong meet with his young age, but his design works emphasize the mature women's charm, and good at Chinese style element, unique profile, sculpture out and new and interesting high-tech fabrics into clothing design, thus formed the SAMUEL GUIYANG type "orientalism" design style.

From the topic of the rise of Chinese designers that has lasted for several years, the trend of exporting local creative power to the Western fashion context has become increasingly fierce. The uniqueness of regional identity will bring some attention in the early, and when the novel gradually flatten out, it is necessary for us to explore the design ideas of regional identity, may be to create a strong brand mark image, or perhaps they're around an established the concept of continuous innovation, keep the perspective of globalization, in the process of self is defined to find patterns of adjust measures to local conditions.


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