Renovation Of Old Houses In Beijing's Second Ring Road


2020-10-22 11:06:38


Mr. And Mr. Li are an architect couple. This year, the architect took a break from living and working in Paris, France, for 10 years, and decided to return to Beijing.

Because of the epidemic, Mr. A still stayed in France to handle some work, and the two children stayed in Xi 'an with their grandmother for the time being. Li Ya-wei simply took advantage of the time difference, a person to decorate the husband's grandmother left in the second ring of a small house. The old apartment has been transformed into a new "mansion" envied by friends.

To match the busy second ring road outside, they built a beautiful spiral staircase and expanded the kitchen so you could cook dinner and enjoy the city's top night views. The living room is arranged like an exhibition hall, and different friends are invited to party on weekends.

"We don't have the money to buy a bigger house, but living according to our interests in a limited economy is the happiest thing for us," Li said.


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